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    EEVblog #1055 – How to Design a Custom LCD

    How to design a custom multiplexed LCD display. Dave takes you through what is required ...

    • John Senchak

      Sagan rules !!!!

    • gsriogjio

      You should get some nigger as a lab assistant.

    • Darren Grant

      I see you found your qualified assistant 🙂

    • Ancel Bhagwandeen

      Hi Dave at 19:30 u mention the A model incorrectly. You’re showing the B model and the original 2465 not eh 2465a/ 350Mhz unit

    • Rafael Souza

      Eric Wasatonic’s link is broken…

      BTW, excellent comparison video.

      On a side note, I love how kids’ minds work: at about 7:00 when you asked Sagan to give two thumbs up, he replaced the thumb with two fingers in “V” – perfect logic! 🙂

    • Sławek T.

      Can’t wait until Sagan will release his first own eevblog video 😉
      Watch out Dave, he’s certainly got potential to replace his old man!

    • Peter G

      How fun someone sent you a nice package! The 2465B is a very nice scope and I am sure you will be able to get it going. It is highly encouraging that you got a momentary trace on it. One big problem with the SMT processor board has been the capacitors which have had a history of leaking. This shorts things out and will corrode traces so check carefully and replace any that are suspect, along with a through cleaning. I have heard of more than one time where that was the sole problem. You know what to look for, the dull solder joints and so forth.

      The battery backed RAM does actually store calibration constants but the procedure is not too too terrible so you can re-cal it right there in your shop if you have things like a pulse and time mark generator that go fast enough.

      There are forums where these units are discussed by very knowledgeable people, in some cases people directly involved in the design of these very units. Plus, the manuals are readily available online. No stop reading messages and get back to the lab and have some fun!


    • Syd Jessop

      Dave, no one is looking at you when Sagan is on screen!! 🙂

      • That’s the whole idea. I’m not fun to look at.

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