• EEVblog #697 – Mailbag

    A bumper mailbag, the last one for 2014!


    A car dashcam and custom automatic LCD video player from:

    Girl time!
    And old GPS unit, and a PIN Calculator from Gemma & Liz a.k.a Annierak and Hoofbag

    Blood Glucose meter

    Crappy calculator with secret construction technique – cardboard!

    High voltage Victor power supply modules

    PicoPSU ATX Power Supply for embedded automotive computers:

    Bubble memory from an old GRiD laptop computer.

    I Dream Of Wires documentary DVD about the development of the electronic synthesiser.

    The Human Comparator


    Precision electronics knives from:

    High altitude ballooning PCBs from Chris Stubbs:

    And an awesome drawing of Sagan from That Crazy Indian Bloke

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      • If memory serves (being an ex pom) the earth pin expands a clasp that then allows the shutters to move down – hence why no amount of forcing the power pin holes will get you in. Cheaper sockets just have a spring – so you can force them easily…

      • John Senchak

        Prick with a needle and then insert it in, sounds like “diabetic device porn .” Just keep whacking it back in ! Dave tell people that their is semiconductor porn on those discs.

        Knife porn !

      • xDR1TeK

        You can say that again, we are definitely not getting any younger, and our achievements are even less significant. Unlike you, we still have to make a difference.
        Thanks for the video, it is super saturated, loved every bit of it.

      • hdavis

        A really great explanation about the British plugs


      • Mike Palmer

        I like the two minute teardown during the mailbag . just opening packages like Christmas morning would be boring!

      • Sławek T.

        I don’t know why people always want to watch Dave opening his mail. I personally prefer teardowns much more than the mailbag segment because I can always learn something new from teardowns with Dave’s commentary.

        • The popularity of the mailbag totally surprises me too.

          • Rafael Souza

            Personally, what I appreciate from the mailbag segment are the small tidbits of information about new interesting products and the small teardowns of simpler products. Since I usually listen to it in the background, it does not necessarily take my time.
            That said, I would vote to bring back the mini teardowns.

            P.S. I used to love the postcards as well, but that is definitely dead. 🙁

      • Michael

        Swiss plugs have that too, Brasil switched to the Swiss plugs (officially at least…) by far the best plugs of course 😉

      • Darren Grant

        “we got the internet now” Dave the Nationwide gizmo is a one-time password generator that requires a card to generate the key. It makes on-line banking far more secure than a simple password.

      • Sue

        Please Please
        Don’t hold stuff in front of the camera, it takes 5 seconds for that camera to focus, you end up giving your viewers a headache.

        I don’t know if I can continue to watch Mailbag. I end up with a pounding headache after each viewing.

        Take Care

        • Sławek T.

          I totally agree. This face tracking focus is okay, but when showing something just in front of the camera… Gee, it’s terrible to wait like hours for the focusing mechanism to finally readjust.

        • You can’t speak for everyone else, just yourself.
          Sorry it gives you headaches, but if I want to show something up close I will. I can’t please everyone.

      • Karol Piotrowski

        You were spot on about the fact that nontrivial work in glucometer is done in these test strips. That device is a glorified voltmeter – if you’re diabetic you’re going to get ton of them for free (I got 10 of them or so in my “junk I got from someone but I just can’t get rid of them” stash) from your doctor, your pharmacy and nearly every medical company that learnt you need to use it. Real magic happens in strips – these are electrochemical cells whose voltage depends on glucose concentration. It’s more material science than electronics. And they decay pretty quickly, strips that are 3 months overdue tend to give ridiculous readings. Pack of test strips costs more than a glucometer (if you ever wanted to buy them on your own) 🙂

        • Interesting, thanks. Yep, glorified voltmeter is what I thought!

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