EEVblog #700 – Indiana Jones HO Scale Model Train Set

Dave rescues this awesome one-of-a-kind Indiana Jones themed HO scale model train set from the dumpster!
Complete with Ark of the covenant, Petra, the well of souls, the truck chase, the raft ride, the swing bridge, the plane, the mine cart chase, and the big boulder.
All he’s got to do is take it apart…
And an eerie tour of an abandoned hobby shop.

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    • Towger

      Some people buy a sports car when they have a midlife crisis, but Dave scores their train set he has dreamed about since childhood. 🙂

    • Boris

      I know this has been asked many times before, but I’m yet to find an answer.

      Why does Dave write in the third person? It’s bizarre.
      Or does someone else write the descriptions?
      (Genuine question)

      • mjk

        Genuine answer? Because the site is about developing an eccentric character which is distinct from the blog itself.

        • Because I like it, it’s fun, and the fact that is pisses some people off makes it even more fun :->

      • Because Dave likes it and thinks it’s fun, and the fact that it pisses some people off makes it even more fun :->

    • I’m overseas atm but would have loved to have lent you a hand with this, the boys would have loved it. Shame about the shop.

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