• EEVblog #701 – Keysight 3000T Oscilloscope Review

    The new Keysight/Agilent 3000T Oscilloscope is released today, and Dave has a world first review of it.
    It’s a replacement for the existing 3000A X-Series, and is essentially the same in many ways, so only the differences are
    covered in this video.
    A lot of features from the 4000 X-Series have filtered down, and some things are now standard.
    How does it compare to the Tektronix MDO3000?

    Original 3000A review HERE
    4000 X-Series review is HERE

    Forum HERE

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      • Nic Perrin

        How disappointing… Still a lovely scope, but no point in a teardown if it’s essentially the same.. 550 videos later and it’s still the same beast.

      • Andrew Kirkby

        “Keysight” That makes me sad 🙁 In fact, asides the name, most of what this product is makes me sad..

      • Herman Van De Kerkhof

        Just found your blog and loving every second of it. The wife has started to complain I’m hiding in the computer room to much these days. I started in electronics in my much younger days going from bench tech to senior management over 15 years. Then a total change of career back in 2001 and just now returning to electronics as a hobby.

        • I will not be held responsible for marriage problems 😛

      • Who among the hobbyists can afford this kind of hardware?

        • It’s not designed for the hobbyists. The majority of people who watch this blog are actually professionals, not hobbyists.

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