EEVblog #702 – Keysight 3000T Oscilloscope Teardown

What’s inside the new Keysight (Agilent) MSO/DSO 3000T series oscilloscope?
What is different form the original 3000A series?

Xilinx XC3S1600E Spartan FPGA datasheet

Review Video

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High resolution teardown photos:

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    • Sławek T.

      what’s that strange sound at the assembly part of the video? you were whistling, Dave? 😀

    • Nic Perrin

      Good old Dave… Blood, Sweat and Tears.. Shame all there was to see was how identical it is. I certainly fancy a job at Keysight.. looks like the layout guys have had their feet up for 4 years.

    • tlhIngan

      I’m willing to bet that the touchscreen is powered by USB, and that new chip they added was a USB hub chip. Otherwise why else would they bring the output of the touchscreen board to the USB area?

      So instead of that USB host being powered by the SPEAR600 directly like on the 3000A, it now goes through a USB hub chip so it can have both the touchscreen and the USB host functionality.

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