EEVblog #714 – Metal Detector Reverse Engineering

How does a metal detector work?
Dave teardown and reverse engineers the circuit in a $17 Harbour Freight wand type metal detector, and also explains how to do basic reverse engineering of a PCB.

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    • Did you get the new cloud version of DaveCAD? It looks slicker and without ads..

      • Photon Peddler

        And the design area is bigger, finally! And I like the background color better, too…

        • Photon Peddler

          And the fact that the grid is on by default now.

    • smellysam .

      Thanks Dave, I’ll probably have to buy one and mod it now.

    • kjn4685

      Dave if I just had a little bit of your knowledge I would be set.

    • gmcurrie

      perhaps an LVDT workings in a future video??

    • jutt


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    • Paul

      I like this reverse engineering stuff if you were to design your own circuit, would it just breadboard trial and error or is there more standard way to see if your design works.

      • You might typically build and test on a breadboard, yes.

    • blipton

      So when you measure an inductor it’s with respect to a certain frequency? How did you know to choose 10khz?

      • It was close enough to the operational frequency of the coil.

    • Marie Decker

      This is totally helpful and detailed.

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