Home Solar Power System Installation Time Lapse

A time lapse installation video of Dave’s 3kW home solar power system using LG MonoX panels.

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  1. Have you done some statistics about the production/consume of energy and so on?
    Would be interesting to know.
    How many time during the year do you have to clean the panels from dust etc. or is a powerful rain enough to keep it clean to improve efficiency?

    • Try watching videa #724 just below where Dave does his power and finance analysis – and also answers your question about cleaning them!

      • Uups, didn`t saw #724, sorry. The newest Video is on top and fills the whole screen, and if I don`t scroll…well,uups.

  2. If only it was so simple to install panels on every roof. Your roof looks like it was waiting for panels. Try this on a tar and gravel roof in San Francisco! I would never risk the leaks that would, over time, develop on my roof after the wind blows the panels, vibrating the supporting pieces around a bit, and the tar cracks. Also, putting on a new roof of any kind once the panels are up would be impossible.

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