• EEVblog #726 – Dual Xeon Video Editing Machine Build

    Dave builds and tests the 24 core dual processor 2.6GHz Intel Xeon E5-2630 v2 video editing machine and benchmarks against his current 8 core i7 3770K machine at 3.5GHz.
    This is one hour of PC building and software testing, if you find this stuff boring, DON’T WATCH IT!
    Forum: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-726-dual-xeon-video-editing-machine-build/

    – Even doing a 1 hour render at 240W consumption, the heatsinks do not even get warm to the touch.
    – Yes, I need to fill all the blue slots (4 channels) to get best memory performance
    – No, EEC memory is not slower than Non-EEC.
    – No, the CPU’s are not thermal throttling. The core temps barely reach 40degC
    – I put the video card in the slot for the CPU2, not the main CPU1.
    – Direct uncompressed output using the Sony YUV Video For Windows codec actually works (it had issues on my old machine)
    1:46 for the 1min test video which is pretty good and the fastest yet. That was to the SSD. File size was 12.163GB for the 1 min, so that means a 1 hour video would need 730GB.
    Such an output would need about 114MB/s write speed, so that makes a 7200 rpm drive a WD Black suitable. 1GB+ of SSD would of course be very expensive and of no improvement.
    So this seems like the best solution for now.

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