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    • muki16


    • Congratulations !

    • hdavis

      Almost 4 weeks old. You have to open your mailbag items a little faster 🙂 Congrats!

      • Tell that to Mrs EEVblog! I was lucky to get what footage I did so soon :->

    • Steven Heaton

      Brought a real smile to my face.

      Sagen 2.0.

    • Hasitier

      Congratulations! But as others said, just open such items in the mailbag a little bit faster, please 🙂

    • nick

      I am working on my own neuro electronics project – or rather my wife is. I contributed. Where did you get the awesome fluke baby swag?

      • Word got around Fluke HQ that there was a new arrival, and they sent it as a present. I don’t know if it’s a normal part of their swag!

        • Simon Turner

          I bet they had it specially made

        • Cliff Hartle

          Yea new borns are major part of their demographic.

    • Weishan

      Cute! Congratulations!!!

    • Erik van Gerven

      Congrats from the Netherlands… You might have missed these come in 2 variations, though.

      You should try the other model too.But beware! Those are much more complicated!

    • gmcurrie

      Aww!! I might cry : ) (maybes link Huxley up to an Ardiuno – get him to blink – hehe 🙂

    • Кирилл Васильев

      Dave!!! My greatest congrats to you! He is so adorable! And a “fluke`man” right from the start ))))

    • Chris Peters

      Congratulations!!! Cute name. Is he named after Aldous Huxley?

    • Shawn_McClintock

      Congrats to both you and the Mrs there Dave. Kids are awesome. Got to change the manufacture date around a bit on the next model so that your creations don’t break the bank on birthdays. Kudos!

    • Lone Blackfang

      Hey Dave
      Congrats on the little one

    • Sebastian Joehnk

      I first thought it was some “Robot Puppet” from Japan. 🙂

      • Simon Turner

        You obviously missed Dave’s first arrival video 😉

    • Dave,
      Congrats to Mrs. EEVblog and yourself! I remember our second experience with our second neuroelectronics project included an unexpectedly early delivery at the MD-DistroCenter, rather than the designated site. Main disappointment for Mrs. NurseBob, no restful stay at the designated delivery site as had been planned; having already received the package, she was sent home directly: “Sorry, no special care for deliveries not made to this address!” However, 35 years later, the system is performing admirably, having run continuously without a reboot!!!

    • Austin T

      Congratulations! Well done and special thanks to Mrs. EEVBLOG for doing the heavy lifting on this project. Dave you typical marketing type.. taking credit for all the real hard work!

    • martijn Veen

      Congrats Dave and the same to the wife

    • Syd Jessop

      Congrats, Dave. I thought you were going to say it only took 15mins to do the project initiation ‘document’ 😉

    • Markus Krippner

      Congrats 🙂 If Sagan ever wants to know “where the babies come from”, you can answer “from the mailbag” 😉

    • David Milne

      My warmest congratulations to both yourself and your wife on the arrival of Project Huxley.

    • Rainer

      Hey, congratulations! And please: Don’t take it apaaaaart. Really. Don’t 🙂 All the best to all of you!

    • Fantastic news! Congrats to you and the wife Dave. In about 10 years you will have the beginnings of your own free assembly line for project manufacturing.

      • I look forward to the day when they will become useful :->

    • Congratulations Dave! And a nice “reveal” – made me smile 🙂
      Good luck with this ongoing project!

    • Bulldog

      Dave, congratulations and awesome video! You’ve got us beaming ear to ear here in the States. Cheers!

    • Karl Tanner

      Oh no… the missus has just seen this episode… Bugger! You ain’t helping mate! 😉 Congratulations, great vid, all the best to you all 🙂

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