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    • Garry Scott

      Dave, I love watching your videos, but this one just reminds me again of the sub-par lighting products flooding our market daily, it is worth noting that when anyone imports into Australia they are deemed responsible and effectively “the manufacturer” as far as risk and liability is concerned. Australian based manufacturers need to supported as OS product manufacturers are not experienced with our unique electrical standards and requirements.

      Sure it’s cheaper, but you can see why.

      • mjk

        What’s the unique requirement, actually? What makes electricity so very different here to anywhere else in the world? I’m not implying that the reviewed product is fit for purpose or not. I’m just interested as to whether the “unique electrical standards” are part of a policy to implement a closed shop, or if they have any technical basis whatsoever.

    • Nic Perrin

      That just reeks of dodgy-ness.. “We didn’t know you were going to take it apart”.. so you did a half-assed job of it? Decent looking product ruined by penny pinching for the sake of a couple of M4’s and an earth crimp.. I’m sure the cost of smearing all that silicone about is as much as doing it right.

      • Sean

        I also noticed the screws holding the COB LED to the heatsink were different, at first I thought it was intentional for some reason, but after seeing the power supply I think it was just screws they found on the factory floor O_o

    • Steve Offer

      Dave you were dead right with your initial comment. Protective earth must be connected to all assessable parts of the housing. At the end of the video the comment that they will ‘stick’ it down will also not cut it. The only way is as you mentioned, the Mean-well housing has to be fixed to the light housing via a conductive bond; screws bolts or similar.

    • Paul Jones

      That coating is actually power coat, not anodizing.

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