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    • mesocyclone

      Yeah, but… The kid’s engineering skills consisted of nothing other than taking apart an old radio shack clock and putting the pieces in a suspicious looking box. He didn’t build the clock. His father is an Islamist agitator who periodically returns to the slave-owning republic of Sudan, where he runs for president.

      Hence, I think this was a setup. An Arab kid, son of an activist lawyer, brings to school something that looks just like what he and his teachers think is a bomb. Then he refuses to answer police questions other than asserting that he made a clock – but not why or anything else.

      The kid wasn’t arrested for building a bomb. He was arrested for building a hoax bomb, and that’s pretty much what it looks like – at least to people whose idea of a time bomb comes from watching TV shows.

      That said, you are right about the climate of fear. In the US, we had the kid who was suspended from school for chewing a pop-tart into the shape of a gun – a 7 year old kid!

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