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EEVblog #1334 – Mystery Dumpster Teardown

Mystery dumpster teardown time! With the most amazing mechanical mains power switch you’ll ever see! ...


  1. This has got to be the best interview ever!!! Hacking into the camera as we speak.

      • Actually I have a question. I have a number of very futuristic designs. I feel strongly that the designs are gifts to the human race, for all to benefit from. I am trying to build those designs slowly by myself, I lack the resources to do that properly. However whenever I try to bring those very futuristic designs into reality, by seeking investment, people grab and misinterpret the ideas. Those people then implement the design poorly. Those people then claim the ideas are wrong and not workable, destroying the investment and market for those ideas. Do you have any suggestions on how I can solve my problem?
        Steve jobs created the movie Electric Dreams to educate the public and help launch Apple computers. Steve Jobs was always very secretive on his ideas up until the very last minute. The latest iwatch is nothing but glue and potting compound.
        Do you have any ideas on how to protect Intellectual Property from reverse engineering without destroying the market for a product. Would you be open to launching some of the designs on your show?

        • Sorry, not the least bit interested in “futuristic” designs from someone using a hotmail address who has to ask such questions.
          Sorry to be harsh, but I get this all the time, and it usually involves free energy, over unity, Tesla etc

          • LOL, well that’s not me. I understand the need to put food on the table. But do you ever dream about giving birth to true innovation? Must be very boring pulling apart other peoples designs all the time.

            • That emotional trick won’t work on me. Try someone else.
              Ideas are worth less than a dime a dozen. You have an idea you think is innovative – congrats, join a million others.
              I’ve gotten no less than hundreds of emails from people with “innovative” ideas. All of them, without exception, are either:
              a) Delusional crackpot ideas
              b) Already been done and nothing remotely new or innovative
              c) Instantly recoginisable as impractical in some way by anyone knowledgable in the field

              • Can you send some of the crackpots my way?

                Not trying to trick you here Dave. I love electronics. You love electronics. Really that’s all that it is. Everyone has a little crackpot inside them. Even you.

                Of course you are busy. I don’t have all the answers.

                There are projects that have to work. Serious projects that are on time and on budget. I am not talking about those projects.

                There are scammers that expects people to work without credit and pay. I am not talking about those projects.

                There are non-serious projects that are artistic, creative and for fun. Projects like the first Apple computer. Those are the projects I am talking about.

                All I am saying is that I wish there was a way for us to have fun together with electronics. I know what I ask is not realistic.

                A way to sketch a science fiction idea on your show and challenge the community to provide solutions. I feel that you have assumed the public role of community leader. With that role gathers certain responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is to inspire the electronics community to greater heights.

                For example, the Space Elevator. Wouldn’t it be cool if EEVBLOG held a Space Elevator movement. Not a competition but a movement where people supply art, stories, drawings about space elevators.

                Is that really wrong of me to suggest?

                Kind regards
                Ryan Upton

                • There are a dozen crackpot inventor forums, I suggest you go find one. You’ll find plenty of people who will to spend time and money on unrealistic ideas.
                  You admit you are “seeking investment” for “unrealistic” ideas.
                  The EEVblog is not the place for you.

                  • I understand your viewpoint. Obviously, I disagree with your assertion that I am in any way a crackpot.. I will leave you be. I enjoy your show. I wish you well.

                    • You’ve got to understand that when you approach engineers with the things you are saying, you will almost certainly at the very least be ignored and not taken seriously, if not branded a potential crackpot. It ain’t just me. Go try asking on the EEVblog forum for example and see how you get on.

                    • Don’t take this the wrong way Dave, but you are not a real engineer.

                      You haven’t done the hard yards.

                      Real engineers understand that working on the sharp end on innovation often means working with science fiction type ideas. People are quick to dismiss new innovations. It is only natural to feel uncomfortable when confronted with ideas that have never been seen before. It is true that some new ideas don’t work.

                      Those ideas are more valuable because they teach us lessons on what not to do. Ideas like space elevators, 3D printing, drone technology feel wrong and dangerous because they are new.

                      However those ideas are not that new today. It is fun to watch you tear down an old mobile phone or Apple computer. I remember when those ideas were new. People got so angry about the mouse or the size of the phone. We had a mobile phone on Star Trek and people still thought the idea was impossible. People used to say that electronics was never going to be that small. I remember you complained once because the world was moving to SMD and you felt SMD was too hard to work with! Imagine that! Now everything is SMD?

                      I could tell you what is around the corner. Inventions that would absolutely blow your mind. However, it is unethical of me to do so. Future shock is a real problem.

                    • LMAO!
                      Go on, I DARE YOU, go share your ideas or ask on the EEVblog forum for help. Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone from the 10’s of thousands of engineers on there who will want to work with you.
                      But you won’t do that, because you’re not a real innovator, you’re too afraid you’ll be laughed at.

                    • Your not getting to me. I just wanted to see a EEVblog show on space elevators. There was a documentary recently that is a fairly good watch. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4085130/

                    • What the hell does space elevators have to do with the EEVblog? Go ask a space related blog.
                      And no, you wanted more than that. You originally asked if I can help solve your “problem”. I gave you the best answer possible – go ask on the worlds biggest engineering forum, the EEVblog forum if people would like to help you. There are 10,000+ technical people on there who love a challenge and working on interesting stuff. But you are too scared to do that and are trying to weasel out of the conversation.

                    • The ball has been dropped on Space Elevators. Some guys tried to start a company in the eighties but they argued and failed. The idea really needs to be pushed again. Some brilliant and attractive person did ghost write a space elevator into one on the recent Star Trek movie, but no one really noticed or cared.

                      The EEVblog show is really good at breaking down and explaining complex technology, I have not seen anyone do that better than one, Mr Dave Jones. You have done some really good shows on 3D printers and are probably responsible for the boom in 3D printers at the moment. Even though 3D printers are weak and don’t really work at the moment.

                      Would be nice if you could grab a space elevator from the eighties and do a teardown/ interview of the guys. Inspire some interest. Good for you, good for me, good for the community. Crystal?

                    • Still trying to weasel out of it huh?

                    • I am not trying to weasel out of anything. If you want me to help you put a show together on Space Elevators you know where I am and what my number is. I would pro bono that because I believe strongly in the need for Space Elevators.

                    • Yup, still trying to weasel out of it.
                      Aren’t you going to share your “futuristic designs” that are a “gift to humanity” with us?

                    • Is a space elevator not a futuristic design? What about the high speed underwater train from Darwin to Hong Kong? Or the desalination water pipeline from the Great Bite to the Gibson desert? All those are very worthy causes. Causes you should back on your show.

                    • So are these the “futuristic designs” you are trying to build yourself and get funding for?
                      Still weaseling out of it.

                    • I am not weaselling anything. I disagree with the statements you have made. I do not feel this conversation is productive. I am sorry that I reached out to you. My impression of you, has been shattered. You are not the person I thought you were. This conversation is at an end.

                    • You asked what you could do and I gave you the very best advice possible, go ask on the EEVblog forum. But you won’t even consider it.

                      Nor will you answer any questions.
                      The problem here doesn’t seem to be your impression of me.

                    • Dave

                      I suspect you do not remember who I am. That is only fair. We have only infrequently connected online and never in person. I mean you no harm.

                      I would like to explain a bit more about my self, I hold a number of degrees.

                      Master of Laws from ANU
                      Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from ANU.
                      Juris Doctor from Murdoch University.
                      Master of Business Administration (Advanced) from UWA.
                      Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Hons) from UWA.
                      I have worked for large companies including BHP Billiton and Rolls Royce.

                      In the past I have contacted you in several ways. I have sent several items to your show for tear down. I recommended you review the movie, ‘The Martain’ and, ‘Star Wars: A force Awakens.’ I connected with you over a teardown of an Apple computer. I think I advised on the colour coding of the Apple III circuit board connectors.
                      I understand that work made public cannot be patented. However I challenge people to replicate my inventions.
                      I have done a lot of work over the years. I will post some pictures on some ideas I am working on. I invented a Robotic Theatre (RT). The RT uses swarm technologies, mandlebrot sets, monte carlo models and modified neural networks to write movies, songs, plays and so forth. Initially the RT was hardware, I have attached photos. A girlfriend of mine was angry at me and destroyed the device on a wild night. I revised to a completely software model. The software develops plots, characters and humour. A form of artificial consciousness. Many films, film reviews, songs, tv series, books, political speeches use the suggestions.
                      Another device I am working on involves magnetic levitation. I invite you, or anyone else, to replicate my experiments. Smart as you are, you should find it a very easy, a mere afternoons work.
                      Kind regards
                      Ryan Michael Upton

                    • Once again, that emotional trick will not work on me.

                      You came on here very specifically wanting advice on how to get funding and help for your “futuristic designs” that are a “gift to humanity”.

                      I’ll be blunt.
                      I don’t give a rats arse about your qualifications.
                      I won’t help you work on your designs, ever.
                      I have zero interest in replicating your designs, that won’t ever happen.
                      Go to the EEVblog forum to discuss them.

                    • I disagree with your statement, ‘You … wanting advice … funding humanity.’ You are trying to put words in my mouth. I am once again shattered, shocked and disappointed by Dave Jones. I consider this conversation over.

                    • You said this:

                      “Actually I have a question. I have a number of very futuristic designs. I feel strongly that the designs are gifts to the human race, for all to benefit from. I am trying to build those designs slowly by myself, I lack the resources to do that properly. However whenever I try to bring those very futuristic designs into reality, by seeking investment, people grab and misinterpret the ideas.”

                      I’m not putting words into your mouth, that’s a direct quote.

                    • Oh man give it a rest, ok. I know what I said, you know what you said. I floated an idea to you and you don’t want to do it. There is no shame in that.

                      I am not scamming you or anyone else. I don’t want to attack you. All I wanted, which was rather silly, was to raise awareness around a number of technologies. You know that, I know that.

                      I understand you are not perfect. Neither am I. You may have wronged me in the past. I forgive you for that. Try not to wrong me in the future though.

                      You have a, ‘No bullshit meter.’ I understand if I triggered it.

                      I like the way you clearly explain complicated electronic concepts. The way you tear down an old Apple computer is fantastic. You explain oscilloscopes better than anyone else on the internet. No one wants to mess with that.

                      It’s a big world. You don’t have to like me. I am still living my own life, building my own projects. Trying to prove all the people that call bullshit wrong. Its an important job. To embarrass all the skeptics. Needs to be done. I better stop talking to you and go do it. Otherwise you wont have anything to tear down in the future.

                    • Wow, you really are a piece of work.
                      I doubt anyone will ever take you seriously.
                      Good luck.

                    • I thought this was the EEVblog? Apparently this conversation is the highest rated. I am at my most slippery dangerous when people don’t take me seriously 😉 Don’t let me get away with all the innovations!

                      You are right a lot of the time, maybe not this time. My only interest is in scripting a show with you about new technology. My agenda is to motivate Malcolm Turnbull to invest in some large scale engineering projects. To give us all jobs. To halt the decline in unemployment.

                      Did you catch the movie Joy with Jennifer Lawerence? What did you think of the writing? Pretty cool eh?

                    • The EEVblog Forum is where 10,000+ engineers hang out and discuss projects and stuff. You are wasting your time doing it in the comments section of a blog post about embedded electronics.
                      Take it to the EEVblog forum or stop. I’m done here.
                      In case you don’t know:

                    • I refer you to my previous comment.

                    • Is the EEVBlog tequipment.net coupon code still active? Do you feel like sending me the code?

                    • Once again, that emotional trick won’t work on me.

                      You are still trying to weasel out of it.

                      You claimed to have been been working on building “very futuristic designs” that are “gifts to the human race”, and you are seeking funding for them.

                      No better place than the EEVblog forum for you to ask for people to help you. Go on, do it, you might even change the world.

                    • And I thought you said you’ll “leave me be”?
                      I must be getting to you?

                    • Yep, that will work, tell an engineer he is not a real engineer, in fact you pretty much insult everyone in the profession by doing that. Might be why you don’t get any takers for investing in these so called gifts to humanity you have dreamed up. Anyway, what the hell has Space Elevators got to do with EEVBlog, I am sure somewhere on the net you can find a whole set of Blogs discussing the matter.

                    • I understand that Dave has no electrical engineering degree, he never completed a course at uni. Dave is not a member of Engineers Australia. Real engineers understand an obligation to the profession.

  2. Great guy, good interview, Dave. 8bit should never die. What else can provide as much efficiency, small size and low power for the ‘quality’ solutions Jack (and me) thinks are important? My toothbrush has a 4-bit micro!

    Re interviewing style, Dave. Try not to be so quick to interrupt your interviewee, particularly when you have someone as wise and interesting as Jack. You had great questions. We are not all as quick as you!

  3. That was very interesting to watch and I found the last 5 minutes to be the best part since what you two said about your personal habits/joys echo my own.

    I’ve been programming for 20+ years and I studied Electronics Engineering prior to that. I used to spend hours just playing with code, messing with the fiddly bits. Now after years of experience I find that I enjoy the high level conceptualization much more. Figure out the big integration picture and let someone younger with more mental energy work out the fiddly bits. They are probably more focused and better at them I am now. ha

    I’ve also got the list of partially completed projects since, left to myself, I’ll keep tweaking them to death. When I was manufacturing laser cut model train kits, I had buddies who were in the hobby that would tell me – enough, it’s done, package and sell it already!

  4. Absolutely brilliant. I loved the philosophical type answer he gave to the “next big thing” question and I couldn’t agree more. Jack seems like he’d be a very interesting person to spend time with. I honestly had not heard of him until this video and now I am looking forward to reading more from him.


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