EEVblog #825 – Your Printer Is Spying On You!

Did you know that your colour laser printer is secretly printing a forensic code on every one of your printouts so the government can track it?
Sounds like a nutjob conspiracy theory, but it’s true!
Yellow dots that are invisible to the naked eye are printed all over your page that have the printer serial number and time and date encoded within them.
List of printers that do/don’t have this forensic encoding
It may even violate human rights

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  1. So will the yellow watermark appear even if you select a b&w print?

    I assume this doesn’t apply on ink-jet printers since someone could circumvent by removing the yellow ink?

    I recall Bunnie had a couple great posts about this a while back:

  2. Vladimir Pervokvaker

    Few decades ago, KGB would kill for such “feature”…

  3. I remember discussions about it being implemented in the first color printers (laser) because they could be used to forge money… in the late eighties. Nothing new guys…

  4. yep also owning a 3d printer and wrong cad file can end you in jail for 14 years

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