• Home Rooftop Solar Power System Update – Shattered Panel!

    One of Dave’s LG Mono-X solar panels has mysteriously shattered!
    Daily solar output data: http://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?userid=22501
    Sorry for the audio and video quality, this was shot on my phone.
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      • James Kluck

        i live near golf course and have seen that kind of impact

      • BobC

        It looks to be relatively recent, since there is no easily visible indication of water trapped beneath the cracks or within the hole (it gets in easily, but takes some time to leave).

        I’d temporarily cover the central breakage to prevent water ingress (tape around a piece of waterproof tarp using low-stick tape – no tape directly on the central breakage), then hope for the best.

        Should a free or pro-rated replacement not be forthcoming, I’d trowel some silicone RTV over the central breakage, then wait for an EOL announcement on the panel and buy one (or two) then.

        • Sure enough it bucketed down last night!

      • Yup, really looks like a golf ball. Look around your house for possible objects… There should be glass embedded in the surface of the (most likely spherical) missile.

      • Syd Jessop

        Dave – you should start a poll so people can vote on what it was! Make a list of all the suggestions – it would be fun to see. All I can say is you have been unlucky, mate, and you have my sympathy.

      • Stuart Kurtz

        Hi Dave, maybe vandals threw a rock?

        • Nope, not possible form the street, they have to be in the neighbours yard. And not enough force anyway.

      • Jim Bean

        Not sure if your planes Ice up in oz at altitude ( Nerd fav Blue ice ? )

        • That’s the leading contender, something from a plane…

      • Steve

        Base-ball impact. Check with your insurance and your neighbourhood !
        Good luck 😛

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