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    EEVblog #1056 – Digilent Open Scope MZ Review

    Dave looks at the Digilent Open Scope MZ Review, an $89 open source oscilloscope, logic ...

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    • tkj tkj

      Thanks, Dave .. great discussion ..
      Couple of issues:
      1st: comparing screen area requires a calc: width x height .. Your diag estimate is misleading ..
      as a 1mm high x 1000mm width would mislead … To me, total area of Rigol was about the same..
      2nd: It might generally be useful for all of us were you,with your tremendous expertise, actually list the TASKS that one ‘machine’ can/cant ‘ do compared with its competitor products ..
      Sure it’s GREAT to handle a well-designed UI etc, and perfect ‘layout of panel’ , but .. BUT:
      it’s more important for most of us to know what the comparable ABILITIES are of competing products ..
      Hope you take this in the manner i offer this “IMHO” verbage …
      Great show!! Useful!!
      but it’s FEATURES/ABILITIES that most of us pay for ..
      jon , massachusetts, u.s.a.
      ( Is the Gold Coast still as Gold ??? Such fantastic memories of the reef !!! ),

      • It’s a teardown video, not a review video.

    • Great product; excellent revie-uhh-‘teardown’! The discussion of FFT was most helpful in motivating me to buy one. Looking forward to a more in-depth ‘review’–just to see how much more thorough one might be after the ‘scope-fight at FFT corral’.

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