EEVblog #868 – Keysight U1282A Multimeter Torture Test

Dave & Friends destroy a Keysight U1282A Multimeter.
Is it really IP67 rated & can withstand a 3m drop?
Only one way to find out, take it canyoning, then drop it, throw it from a moving car, run over it, and then drop it some more until it breaks!

Kate’s video of the trip
Her website Wondrous

Fluke 28II Torture Testing VIDEO

Forum HERE

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    • Tan Chun Tyng

      my heart skip a beat everytime when it’s dropped off the building T.T

    • LinkZ

      Why don’t you search a REAL job?

      • Synthetase

        Oh piss off, dad. If he can feed his family by making money doing something he loves, why do you care?

        Don’t like the videos? Then don’t fucking watch them. Bye.

      • Jelous?

        • LinkZ

          You are just a COWARD. That’s why you banned me from your forum and from youtube comment. You are SCARED from the truth, and now c’mmon get a job. “no script, all opinion” garbage words said from a garbage man.

          • What was your forum user name?
            What truth?

            • LinkZ

              That was an IP ban. Username doesn’t matter, maybe was the same as here, but again, it doesn’t matter just remove that “all opinions” under your banner.

    • tlhIngan

      Hrm… this video is marked as #868, while the last one (mailbag) was #866. Where’s #867?

      • Oops, I forgot to update the wordpress site!

    • tlhIngan

      Next time, keep it on – don’t turn it off while you torture it…

    • Tristan Pauwels

      Heb je misschien iets niet werkt van elektronica niet heeft dan mee naar de

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