EEVblog #870 – Shonky Z-Energeia Energy Saving Wipes

Join Dave as he laughs at the shonkiest product of 2016
The Z-Energeia energy saving wipes. Just wipe them on your mains fuse box and save up to 20% on your energy bill thanks to the Electron Vibration Alignment Field!

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  1. Saw this one yesterday, couldn’t stop laughing.

  2. They have all that BS about aligning electrons and increasing flow, but they can’t even get the word “phase” correct. Looks like they have single “phrase” and 3 “phrase” versions of their product, or is that just the amount of cursing you do once you figure out you’ve been had. Capitalism hates the educated consumer, although this sets the bar pretty low.

  3. This just has to be the guys from Machina Dynamica.

  4. Против Глобал

    OK, we admit. It is ours! Our great leader designed it himself!

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