• EEVblog #899 – Extreme Mailbag

    Extreme Mailbag!
    2 minutes per mailbag item, can Dave do it?

    Forum HERE

    Hobby Creek Pana Hand
    PCB Rax from BenchWerks
    SwissMicros HP Calculator replacements. Voyager landscape format scientific calcultors to replace the HP15C, HP16C, and HP41CX
    Equil EMF Radation protection device Bullshit
    Semikron IGBT hybrid VFD drivers bridge teradown,
    Silicon Labs Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart Module Wireless Starter Kit:
    Low Jitter 10MHz Reference Clock
    Old ISA Bus POST Card
    Simpson 269 High Sensitivity Volt-Ohm-Microammeter
    Custom brass Widlarizer Hammer
    GEVCU – the Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit
    Garmin Edge 800 GPS
    ISDN NT1 Teardown
    DIY Digital Clock Schematic
    EEroots.com Integrated development platform

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