• EEVblog #920 – World’s First Transistor Watch!

    The Bulova Accutron Spaceview 214, the world’s first transistorised
    Space age technology from the 1960’s, the world’s most accurate watch at the time using a 360Hz tuning fork mechanism. Used by NASA on many space missions including Apollo 11.
    See it operate at 1000fps!
    All the info HERE
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      • FJPaski

        Dave, this Deja-Vu trip back to my youth is much appreciated, it made me
        dig out my old M9 Spaceview as well as my dad’s M6 out of storage and
        gave me pause to remember the good old days……

        Back in the days before high speed video, I remember watching the tuning fork movement using a strobe light……

        my understanding about the transistor change was driven by sensitivity
        to ambient heat, the original behaved erratically in desert environments
        and temperatures on the order of 130 deg F……

        Another BTW, you get a *pass* for so horribly mispronouncing US slang words like *Bulova* & *Speidel*…..

        Thanks for the memories,


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