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    Tektronix / Promax RFM90 SignalMini Receive Signal Level Meter teardown
    A mysterious FM receiver that transmits!
    RoutaBoard prototype board matrix
    IntegriFuse USB Protection
    Digilent Analog Part Kit
    Digilent PmodIA Impedance converter
    Raspberry Pi Proto Boards
    DC-AC mechanical vibrator inverter
    RED Digital camera battery charger teardown

    FM Radio

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      • Karoly Simon


        As the creator of Integrifuse i want to clarify the reason of the Indigogo issue. Due to low traffic to the campaing page i decided to stop the campaign. The reason for this is that i had a specific number of orders to be able to manufacture the units for a resonable cost. I realized that this amount would never be reached and that is the reason that the campaign was stopped.

        It will later on be realunched on crowdsupply.com which i think is probably a better platform for this type of projects.


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