• EEVblog #938 – Tesla Solar Roofs – Are They Viable?

    Solar Freakin’ Roofs!
    How viable is Tesla’s Solar Roof concept?
    What did Elon Musk not mention at the product launch?
    UPDATE: Yes, the press kit mentions they all have identical looking solar and non-solar tiles to chose from for shaded/inefficent areas.

    How efficient are they?
    Who much energy is required to manufacture them?
    What about optimum angle to the sun?

    Energy required for existing roof construction HERE
    International Energy Agency on Efficiency HERE
    US Government on PV Energy Payback HERE
    List of solar single companies that have gone bust HERE
    Dow Chemical Solar shingles goes out of business HERE
    Solar shingle efficiency HERE
    Sun position and angle/elevation calculator HERE

    Forum HERE

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