• EEVblog #944 – Has the Future Arrived Yet? – Part 1

    Wayback Wednesday
    Are we living in the future as foreseen 30 years ago?
    Dave goes back to 1986 and takes a look at the Beyond 2000 book of the TV series of the same name and looks at what has come true and what hasn’t.
    What predictions did they get right?
    And what technologies turned out to be complete flops?
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      • Michel

        I’m very surprised that the GPS isn’t mentioned since it was used at the end of the 70’s.
        Of course, it was not the little things we have now, but a huge box with a big antenna and a cassette recorder that must record several hours before you put all the data of differents receivers in a computer to calculate their relative position. But hey ! i’ve used it 40 years ago !

      • Syd Jessop

        Geostar. Hello… Iridium! Used extensively by armed forces, remote sensors and isolated groups wealthy enough to use it. And yes, current units are about the size of pocket calculators! 🙂

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