• Product & Circuit Design Brainstorming

    Dave and David2 brainstorm new uCurrent and other product design options.
    Autoranging systems, low current measurement design, noise, overload, USB isolation, ADC’s, Gold vs Platinum, marketing, market direction, and a host of other stuff in this often tangential session.
    And what common component name did Dave pronounce embarrassingly wrong for his entire childhood?
    A video from the archives.

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      • Syd Jessop

        With respect to autoranging, how about a fast autoranging function with some kind of secondary output somehow (maybe voltage steps) indicating the range? It could use two scope outputs; one signal, one range. This would be very useful for capturing real life current profiles from ultra low power microcontrollers, for example, where quiescent current might be a few 10s of nA but with the occasional e.g. 1mA peripheral activity. A sliding range switch could be used to switch between a number of fixed ranges (as already designed) but with this new ‘autorange’ position function. It would then still have DVM use using the fixed ranges, but also scope use on the autorange setting. The faster the better for auto range switching (and this would be the clever design bit) but even something like 1ms or so would be useful. Just a rudimentary idea off the top of my head for something that would be useful for me. The problem to solve is that the current shunt resistor is too big for high current pulses while you are trying to look at a low current signal so that the micro circuit might crash (low volts) when it (tries to) draws a relatively high current pulse.

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