• EEVblog #977 – Keysight 1000X Hacking – Part 1

    How to find and inspect hidden serial UART terminal ports inside equipment.
    Dave finds the uBoot Windows CE UART part in the new Keysight 1000 X-Series oscilloscope and uses the info to find some of the product mode configuration pins. A hardware hack shows that changing product configuration modes in hardware is possible.
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      • tlhIngan

        Ah. the Spear600. I worked on that chip when Agilent called it the P600 platform. (This was back in 2010-2011)

        Windows CE does not start up a prompt. The serial port is purely for debug messages only, of which once the apps start up, they may not necessarily output anything if they are not compiled to do so.

        Agilent has an interesting way to starting up Windows CE – they use U-boot to chain load the CE bootloader, and from the CE bootloader they use it to boot the CE OS image and run it.

        (I did CE development for a long while.). Heck, I worked on the P600 platform trying to get something else on Windows CE working.

      • How many people noticed the wargames referance when Dave typed joshua into his terminal

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