EEVblog #1002 – Trump’s Solar Freakin’ Wall DEBUNKED!

Will Trump’s Mexican border solar powered wall pay for itself?
Dave runs the numbers to find out what the solar payback is.
NOTE: These are BEST CASE (non-practical) figures that don’t include any system losses from a single long line array like this, or anything to do with the changing wall topology, or increased maintenance costs etc.
The cost to maintain this system could be an order of magnitude higher than a traditional solar array farm.
The point of the video is to check if the *ballpark* figure works out before getting more techniical, it doesn’t.

At best figure with *no losses* is $1BN payback for a 10 year period. 1/20th the cost of the wall. In practice it will be much worse than this, likely double the payback period or more.
And if you want to argue it will pay back the solar install cost then why not install a normal utility scale solar array farm in the Texas desert? Much more efficient and practical.
Installing a long array on a wall like this is a technically dumb idea.

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  1. If it serves it’s basic function as a wall, what’s the problem? The solar thing is just to goad …. Look, it’s a “cough” green wall?

  2. Yeah show thse americans and their beloved lord trump that everything he said is a lie. The almighty americans think they are really innovators like trump. Solar wall, coz he just cannot achieve anything and all of his dumb platform and campaign promise once excecuted were junked by the supreme court. I mean did the man really think that its possible for one idiot to run a country like a business. Now america is in chaos and trying to destroy the country from within.

    • Your envy is showing. You have nothing but sour grapes because you’re a loser and Trump has a long list of accomplishments and a lot of money to show for it.

      • And just one question he have a lot of money. I can belive you if he gives you money out of his own pocket. But its aint happening. The reality TV is far from reality. This is not hollywood where every dreams come true and happily live ever after. He cannot even share his wealth to the poor, bankrupt himself 4 times and all of his investment comes from inheritance and his father’s money he got for his first investment. He is not the rags to riches type he was born with a golden spoon on his mouth.

    • As a president that he achieve so much or as a businessman as for only himself. He have yet to achieve anything as a president. Are you talking about the muslim ban, the mexican wall and the famous trumpcare that will take away millions of americans and let them die coz of having no healthcare. Or maybe the global warming you are talking about that he cannot belive himself coz he is an idiot. Never once trump make donations to the poor nor spend his own money on campaign. If he helps pay america’s debt then that will be his achievement. But it seems its more on his business interst rather than serving the american public.

  3. We should have more guys like you who dont based their decisions on feelings. The world is all about logic and money. Busineses knows how to run thru logic not feelings. Trump bankrupt himself 4 times and he didnot pay for it coz he uses bankrupcy protection laws like in the US. He is claiming that he embodies the rags to riches and hard work and perceveirance thru his deal making power. Nowadays americans are sick of smart people. All they want now are people can understand their feeling and agree o whatever theey are greiving. $1b revenue in 10 years from solar electricity is not equal to $25B cost of wall plus solar installation. Still not mention the maintenance cost and others. And the mexicans will not pay for it.

    • Trump has created or helped create hundreds of businesses. Fewer than 10 went bankrupt. How many businesses have you created?

  4. This whole article is based on a strawman argument. Trump did not say that the wall *would* fully pay for itself. He did, however, say, “And this way, Mexico will have to pay much less money” — more evidence that Trump does not argue that the wall pays for itself.

    You need to stick to science and stay out of politics.

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