• EEVblog #1025 – Minute Physics + Bill Nye Promoting Rayton Solar

    A response to Minute Physics’s latest video promoting the Rayton Solar equity crowd funding campaign.
    Dave looks at Rayton Solar and it’s investment risk and practical viability and asks the question, should Minute Physics have promoted this? And they roped in Bill Nye too!
    Let me know what you think, did Minute Physics cross a line in doing a paid promotion of a risky commercial equity crowd funding campaign?

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    A blog post on details of the Rayton Solar campaign

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      • Misleading advertising in the renewable energy sector is a huge problem.

        Worse is that our politicians, in their desire to meet EU targets and deadlines for renewables deployment, seem to be falling for snake oil claims. For example, that it will soon be possible to back-up the electricity Grid with batteries.

        I did a quick costing of this, and it came out at £4tn (6.8 trillion AUD) to cover typical low wind/sun intervals.

        There really needs to be a commission to investigate this business sector, and exmples made of the worst offenders. No matter whether you support renewables or not, this kind of hucksterism is rife, and it does no-one any good.

      • GrimmEngineer

        If I pay a company to make a commercial for me, does that mean they endorse my product? No. If they want to invest in my product that is their prerogative. I applaud his full disclosure of exactly who paid, why, and his interest.

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