EEVblog #1271 – 100kW WindWall Generator BUSTED!

A 100kW wind generator in only 7sqm? Less than 2% the size of traditional wind turbines! Basic physics and the whiteboard to the rescue! A look at the claims of the AmericanWind WindWall “turbine” wind power generator. http://americanwindinc.com/our-products-3/advanced-windwall/

And a Wind Power 101 tutorial on how wind turbine calculations work and pesky limitation of Betz’s law.

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The Patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/US9331534B2/en

Failed ducted wind turbine projects: http://www.wind-works.org/cms/index.php?id=637

Wind powered car! https://alcse.org/the-american-wind-powered-car/

A commercial efficient 100kW wind generator: https://en.wind-turbine-models.com/turbines/1682-hummer-h25.0-100kw

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