EEVblog #1272 – Mailbag

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Vintage Tek Scopes Group
2:57 8 Cent Touch Sensor Chip TTP223 from TonTek:
9:08 DefPom’s new open source BOM tool MyPartsBin:
Casio FX-730P Calculator
11:49 FREE Multimeters went to a good cause, and Amazon Returns
14:07 CB2 Micro Kit:
17:02 50,000 Count $150 CEM DT-9969 / PDI DM-950BT
The Church Of Tesla:
31:34 Vintage Telecom telephone gear, and mechanical counters.
41:39 PCB piezotronics RS Technologies Torque sensing wrench
46:58 Big Arse Variable Resistor
48:27 JYE Tech DSO138 Oscilloscope Kit


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