EEVblog 1443 – They Don’t Teach This in School! (Coherence)

A follow-up video to the Electrodynamic Shaker, showing you the critical importance of Coherence measurement. Something you’ll only get taught in the school of hard knocks! Using the Ling Electrodynamic shaker, a measurement accelerometer, and a Dynamic Signal Analyser to set up a vibration test system.

00:00 – Electrodynamic Shaker
01:20 – The most inportant thing in vibration measurement
03:56 – What is a Dymanic Signal Analyser?
06:28 – It’s all about the system response
08:12 – Your expensive calibrated setup is worthless!
08:44 – What is Coherence?
12:17 – If you’ve got a really crappy shaker
13:10 – Let’s set up a vibration test jig
13:54 – How to power and accelerometer
16:44 – What happens if you leave it flapping around in the breeze?
20:14 – Traps for young players
22:39 – Let’s sweep this sucker
26:50 – Tighten your nuts!
28:22 – Show me your coherence plot or GTFO!

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