EEVblog 1467 – Stanford Solar Power at Nightime! BUSTED

Stanford University researchers have made a solar panel that works at nighttime! It will reduce or eliminate the need for battery storage! TAKE THAT Big Oil! You can probably guess how it works… Let’s BUST this impractical boondoggle wide open.

The research paper: https://aip.scitation.org/doi/pdf/10.1063/5.0085205 Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1466-stanford-solar-power-at-nightime-busted/
00:00 – Pulitzer prize winning twitter Blue Checkmark time
00:35 – If Stanford University did the research, it has to be true!
02:35 – Take that Big Oil!
03:35 – The Thermoelectric Generator AGAIN…
04:10 – It generates HOW MUCH power at night time?
06:02 – Let’s run the numbers on Dave’s LG panel system
08:04 – It’s not much better than ONE 18650 cell. LOL
09:37 – Tech journalists should be able to multiply and divide.
10:09 – Reading the paper
11:50 – Photos of the prototype


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