EEVblog 1555 – Korean LK-99 Ambient Temperature Superconductor Demo Video BUSTED!

Has a Korean quantum research group cracked the holy grail of physics, an ambient temperature and pressure superconductor that will win them a Nobel prize and change humanity forever? Probably not. Dave completely busts the demo video of their LK-99 material with a pracitcal lab example, it’s such an embarrassing mistake you won’t believe it!

Paper 1:
Paper 2:

00:00 – This LK-99 ambient temperature & pressure superconductor is going to CHANGE THE WORLD!
02:52 – Low but not zero resistance? I thought this was a superconductor?
04:22 – Some journalists are actually doing their job this time
06:28 – The Meissner effect
07:11- Thunderf00t’s take
08:06 – This demo video is just a total embarrassment! It’s just Lenz’s Law!
10:36 – Let’s reproduce the demo video experiment!

LK-99 film magnetic test video:

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