EEVblog #1209 – Mailbag

Mailbag time! SPOILERS: Aliens vs Pirates! Northside service company: Nutone intercom system teardown 10:08 Royal Digital Diary Teardown 12:52 Motic / Swift soldering stereo microscope, also rebadged by AmScope 25:03 Texas Hold’em handheld game Teardown TI 30-XS Calculator teardown 31:43 Elecrow Crowtail STEAM Edu Kit for Micro:bit 36:28 ...

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EEVblog #1208 – Circuit Analysis & Debugging

Fundamentals Friday Dave answers a beginner forum question of why their 74HC390 based breadboard counter circuit does not work properly. Let’s get up to our armpits in datasheets and troubleshooting. A two sentence forum response turned into a step-by-step 27min video investigation involving rise and fall times, setup and hold ...

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