EEVblog #1163 – Xmas Mailbag

Xmas Mailbag SPOILERS: Mand Labs electronics learning kit: (yes, 27 minutes of it) 27:08 Petzl climbing harness 33:20 RC2014 home brew DIY Z80 computer kit on Tindie 39:00 Custom test leads 40:40 Aircraft 121.5MHz emergency beacon and altitude sensor teardown 51:30 Monero miner, and some Linux GPL hate! EPIRB Teardown: ...

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EEVblog #1160 – Weller Responds!

Weller responds to the magic smoke escaping from their WE1010 soldering station, and the lack of a primary side mains fuse. Prepare to be awestruck at their commitment to safety! Forum HERE The Current Source tears down a Weller WEP51 iron:

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EEVblog #1159 – World’s Most Precise Pocket Calculator

One item mailbag! A look at the Swissmicro DM42, the world’s most precise pocket calculator. A clone and improvement of the famous HP42S, with open source firmware based on the Free42 platform. Forum HERE Podcast: Download

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