eevBLAB #59 – Patreon Is An Unsustainable Business!

Patreon is an unsustainable business, in their own words. They took the investment money and now they are paying the price. It looks as though nothing Patreon can do that won’t piss off their creators will bring in enough money to keep the investors happy. In addition to the fallout ...

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EEVblog #1176 – 2 Layer vs 4 Layer PCB EMC TESTED!

What difference does a 4 layer PCB make to EMC radiated emissions compared to an identical 2 layer PCB? And why? Dave does H-Field near-field probe testing on two otherwise identical PCB’s. Electromagnetic waves and the difference between near field and far field, and H-Field and E-field probes and wave ...

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EEVblog #1175 – How To Become A Professional Engineer

Some of the most commonly asked questions: How do you become a professional electronics engineer?Can you be a professional engineer without a degree?How do you get an engineering job or contract job? The different grade of engineering are also explained. Professional engineers, Engineering Technologists, and Associate Engineers. Forum HERE ...

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EEVblog #1174 – Rohde & Schwarz PSU Teardowns

Teardowns of the Rohde & Schwarz HMP4040, HMP2020, and NGE103 programmable lab power supplies. Comparisons with other brand PSU’s: There are some comparisons with other brand PSUs Forum HERE Podcast: Download

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