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    EEVblog #901 – Raspberry Pi 3 Photoflash Problem

    The Raspberry Pi 3 has the same Xenon photoflash reset problem as the RPi2 (albeit at a much reduced level) There is also a photoflash problem with the Broadcom BCM43438 WiFi & Bluetooth chipset. The internet connection will lockup when exposed to sufficient Xenon flash light. The flash problem explained ...

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    EEVblog #900 – STM32 ARM Development Board

    Dave takes a look at the ST STM32 L1 series low power ARM chips, and gets a cheap STM32L152C development board up and running with the IAR Embedded workbench compiler and STLINK/V2 interface. Also a look at the STMcubeMX code initialisation application. 32L152CDISCOVERY Schematic & User Manual PIC32MX Forum HERE ...

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    EEVblog #899 – Extreme Mailbag

    Extreme Mailbag! 2 minutes per mailbag item, can Dave do it? Forum HERE SPOILERS: Hobby Creek Pana Hand PCB Rax from BenchWerks SwissMicros HP Calculator replacements. Voyager landscape format scientific calcultors to replace the HP15C, HP16C, and HP41CX Equil EMF Radation protection device Bullshit Semikron IGBT hybrid VFD drivers bridge ...

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    EEVblog #898 – LCD Contrast Experiments

    What is the difference between LCD viewing angle and bias angle? How does adjusting the LCD bias voltage effect the display? What is LCD Ghosting? Also a demonstration of Photoelastic Birefringence in polycarbonate plastic display covers. Dave investigates the Liquid Crystal Display viewing angle problem in the EEVblog BM235 Multimeter. ...

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