EEVblog #1099 – BattBump Kickstarter REDACTED EDITION!

UPDATE: Someone has paid for a massive amount of Dislikes on this and my other BattBump video! The infamous video is back up, with hilarious redactions to prevent illegitimate Youtube Privacy complaints from, I don’t know, Bozo the clown perhaps, you can’t be too careful these days on Youtube! You ...

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EEVblog #1097 – Mailbag

Mailbag – With the worst soldering job ever! Forum HERE SPOILERS: A giant outdoor flippy dot display. The worst soldering job ever Avometer Model 7 Mk2 teardown Video enhancer teardown Cheap-arse soldering iron teardown Ancient Sony Handycam Elektor Magazine Elektor 6 digit VFD tube clock kit $1M Pandora ...

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