EEVblog #1321 – SunPlower – DUMBEST IDEA Since Solar Roadways!

The SunPlower is supposed to be able to power mobile phone towers, propel boats and submarines, and fly you around in an Air-Taxi! Let’s turn flat solar panels into wind turbine blades! The laws of physics and engineering might have a lot to say about that… Subscribe on Library: ...

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EEVblog #1320 – Premature Oscilloscope Triggering

Don’t be caught out by embarrassing premature triggering! Dave demonstrates how and why your oscilloscope may trigger before it’s supposed to, and how to solve it. Forum: Podcast: Download

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EEVblog #1319 – NEW TS80P Portable USB PD Soldering Iron Review

The TS80P is the upgrade to the TS80, Dave’s previous favorite portable soldering iron. But with added USB-PD and 30W vs 18W. Various Aliexpress stores: TC66 USB-C PD Power Monitor/Logger: Forum: Podcast: Download

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