eevBLAB #59 – Patreon Is An Unsustainable Business!

Patreon is an unsustainable business, in their own words. They took the investment money and now they are paying the price. It looks as though nothing Patreon can do that won’t piss off their creators will bring in enough money to keep the investors happy. In addition to the fallout ...

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eevBLAB #49 – Paid Dislikes! (AGAIN!) – BattBump

What is it with Kickstarter debunking videos and paid dislikes? Someone has paid for dislikes on my BattBump videos. Battbump Kickstarter Forum HERE Batteriser Dislikes: Proving views aren’t faked:

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eevBLAB #39 – Youtube Alternatives

Dave shows all the alternative platforms to Youtube that you can watch and follow the EEVblog on. And NO Dave isn’t quitting Youtube! And an update on the Adpocalypse and advertising revenue Forum HERE

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