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EEVblog #931 – Designing A Better Multimeter PART 2

Dave takes a look at how to optimise the low burden voltage multimeter design from PART 2 to eliminate some parts. And explains the µCurrent shunt circuit design and how that applies to this new optimised design. It’s basically a practical tutorial in circuit design optimisation. Then another design variation ...

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EEVblog #929 – Designing A Better Multimeter

Dave looks at the current measurement front end of a typical multimeter and figures out how to redesign it for lower burden voltage. It’s not quite as easy as you might think, there are comprimises and traps for your players. And something you probably didn’t know about HRC fuses. µCurrent ...

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EEVblog #801 – How To Design A Digital Clock

The next step for Ahmed Mohamed How to design your own digital clock from 4000 series CMOS chips. Dave reverse engineers a DIY clock he built back in the 1980’s as a teenager (he lost the schematics, twice!) Before the days of microcontrollers, cheap PCB’s, and internet mail order parts, ...

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