Anything involving Microcontrollers.

EEVblog #b10000000000 – 1K Micro Magic

What can you fit in 1K words of microcontroller program memory? Dave takes a look at two old projects of his published in Electronics Australia magazine using a PIC 16F84 with 1K of program memory. Will the assembly language code still compile first go in MPLABX after 18 years? Assembler ...

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EEVblog #901 – Raspberry Pi 3 Photoflash Problem

The Raspberry Pi 3 has the same Xenon photoflash reset problem as the RPi2 (albeit at a much reduced level) There is also a photoflash problem with the Broadcom BCM43438 WiFi & Bluetooth chipset. The internet connection will lockup when exposed to sufficient Xenon flash light. The flash problem explained ...

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EEVblog #900 – STM32 ARM Development Board

Dave takes a look at the ST STM32 L1 series low power ARM chips, and gets a cheap STM32L152C development board up and running with the IAR Embedded workbench compiler and STLINK/V2 interface. Also a look at the STMcubeMX code initialisation application. 32L152CDISCOVERY Schematic & User Manual PIC32MX Forum HERE ...

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