Product repairs

EEVblog 1572 – Haefely 16kV ESD Tester TEARDOWN + Repair Part 1

Teardown and Part 1 repair of a Haefely Trench PESD1600 16kV ESD tester. If you can help identify the rotary encoder at 25:52 that would be awesome! Unboxing and testing: https://www.eevblog.com/2023/10/13/exclusive-haefely-esg-gun-unboxing/ Forum thread for the rotary encoder: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/repair/help-finding-rotary-encoder/ Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1572-haefely-16kv-esd-tester-teardown-repair-part-1/ Podcast: Download

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EEVblog 1564 – Agilent/Keysight U1273AX Multimeter Repair

A very interesting repair of an Agilent/Keysight U1273AX OLED display multimeter. It had two distinct unrelated faults. Ian Scott Johnston on The Amp Hour: https://theamphour.com/643-calibration-repair-with-ian-johnston/ Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1564-agilentkeysight-u1273ax-multimeter-repair/ 00:00 – Faulty Agilent / Keysight U1273AX OLED display multimeter 01:36 – Battery leakage, OF COURSE! 04:26 – Bottom of PCB 05:47 – …

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EEVblog1541 – What is this blown SMD component? Redux

Searching for another blown SMD component. Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/PoiSolutionsLLC/status/1652769442080620549 00:00 – Failed Hantek 2000 handheld oscilloscope 02:08 – PCB location is your best clue 04:21 – Voltage regulator maybe? 06:01 – You gotta ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk? 07:38 – Dialing in that google foo …

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EEVblog 1527 – Toshiba T1000LE DOS Vintage Laptop Repair HELL

This Ebay Toshiba T1000LE vintage DOS In ROM laptop repair turned out looking promising until, well, it didn’t… Forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-1527-toshiba-t1000le-dos-vintage-laptop-repair-hell/ 00:00 – THE laptop that cointed the term Notebook, the Toshiba T1000 series 05:46 – It obsoleted the Tandy 100 and Tandy 200 07:00 – Powering up 10:16 – Opening …

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