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EEVblog #898 – LCD Contrast Experiments

What is the difference between LCD viewing angle and bias angle? How does adjusting the LCD bias voltage effect the display? What is LCD Ghosting? Also a demonstration of Photoelastic Birefringence in polycarbonate plastic display covers. Dave investigates the Liquid Crystal Display viewing angle problem in the EEVblog BM235 Multimeter. ...

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EEVblog #895 – BEC Pro Model Airplane Regulator Testing

Dave tests the Castle Creations CC BEC Pro battery eliminator used in model airplanes to see if it meets is rated continuous current performance claims. Also a bit of a how-to on testing regulators like this, 4 terminal load sensing error reduction is demonstrated. Airflow and thermal camera measuremements are ...

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EEVblog #891 – Siglent SSA3021X vs Rigol DSA815 Spectrum Analyser

Dave compares the new Siglent SSA3021A 2.1GHz spectrum analyser with similar priced Rigol DSA815. Noise floor, clock and PLL phase noise and other performance aspects are measured and compared between the two models. Bugs?, yup, got those too! Forum: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-891-siglent-ssa3021x-vs-rigol-dsa815-spectrum-analyser/ Podcast: Download

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