Fundamentals Friday

All the Fundametals Friday videos and other tutorials.

EEVblog #941 – The Amazing Schmitt Trigger

Fundamentals Friday What is a Schmitt trigger and how does it work? What is hysteresis? And how do they fix two common problems in electronics, namely slow slew rate signals on CMOS digital chip inputs causing oscillation, and noise on comparator inputs. The issues are demonstrated first on the breadboard, ...

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EEVblog #908 – Zener Diodes

Fundamentals Friday. A tutorial on Zener Diodes. Avalanche breakdown, zener breakdown, zener effect, knee voltage, power dissipation, differences from regular diodes, calculating dropper resistor value, voltage regulation, clipping, clamping, transient surge overvoltage protection, characteristic curve, forward and reverse characteristics. Forum HERE Podcast: Download

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EEVblog #831 – Power A Micro With No Power Pin!

In this Fundamental Friday Dave will blow your mind as he shows you how you can power a microcontroller *without* a power or ground pin! A potentially big trap for young and old players alike. Can you guess how it’s done before the secret is revealed? Forum HERE SPOILER: A ...

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EEVblog #820 – Mesh & Nodal Circuit Analysis Tutorial

Dave explains the fundamental DC circuit theorems of Mesh Analysis, Nodal Analysis, and the Superposition Theorem, and how they can be used to analyse circuits using Kirchhoff’s Voltage and Current Laws we learned in the previous video HERE The same circuit is solved using the 3 different methods. Will we ...

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