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EEVblog #981 – Introduction To Digital Logic

NEW screencast type tutorial! Let me know what you think. NOTE: The plan is at least several of these tutorial videos per week consistently. So on my main channel that frequency could swamp the other content, hence considering a new channel. An introduction to digital logic, digital vs analog, logic ...

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EEVblog #957 – How To Measure DC-DC Converter Efficiency

Dave shows you how to setup, measure and generate an Efficiency vs Load Current characteristic curve for a DC-DC converter, just like you see in the datasheets. Several traps for young players are discussed, along with plotting Logarithmic axis charts in a spreadsheet. Electronic Load Kit BM235 Multimeter: http://amzn.to/2hJp78T Rigol ...

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EEVblog #941 – The Amazing Schmitt Trigger

Fundamentals Friday What is a Schmitt trigger and how does it work? What is hysteresis? And how do they fix two common problems in electronics, namely slow slew rate signals on CMOS digital chip inputs causing oscillation, and noise on comparator inputs. The issues are demonstrated first on the breadboard, ...

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