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EEVblog #1341 – AMAZING $250,000 IBM Processor TEARDOWN!

Teardown of a $250,000 1991 vintage IBM 9121 TCM Processor module from a System/390 ES9000 Enterprise Server mainframe computer,. Amazing state of the art 63 layer ceramic hybrid module construction with 2772 pins! And Dave demonstrates an amazing BGA desoldering technique that can only be done on these ceramic hybrid ...

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EEVblog #1332 – Facit Mechanical Calculator!

Teardown (partial) of a Facit C1-13 13 digit mechanical calculator from 1967. John Wolff’s mechanical calculator website: Forum:

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EEVblog #1308 – 1970’s Intel MCS-85 8085 Design Kit

Will a 1970’s era Intel 8085 design kit power up after 40 years? A look at the Intel MCS-85 System Design Kit and some vintage computer and processor history. Subscribe on Library: Forum: Podcast: Download

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