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EEVblog #949 – World’s First Clamshell Laptop Teardown!

The Dulmont Magnum “Kookaburra” from 1983 is the only laptop to have even been designed and made in Australia, as well as being the world’s first “clamshell” laptop design. Dave tears down this obscure retro classic based on the equally rare 80186. Download ROM images HERE Forum HERE Hires photos: ...

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EEVblog #937 – Retro Canon Still Camera Teardown!

How did you take “digital” photos in the 1980’s and early 90’s? With an analog still video camera that stored images on a PAL format 2″ video floppy disks, that’s how! Enter an age before SD cards, flash memory, JPG files, and USB! A teardown of a 1991 vintage Canon ...

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EEVblog #920 – World’s First Transistor Watch!

The Bulova Accutron Spaceview 214, the world’s first transistorised watch! Space age technology from the 1960’s, the world’s most accurate watch at the time using a 360Hz tuning fork mechanism. Used by NASA on many space missions including Apollo 11. See it operate at 1000fps! All the info HERE Forum ...

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