Miscellaneous Stuff

Nothing to really do with the EEVblog, but thought I’d share anyway.

EEVblog Stickers

Someone on Twitter asked for EEVblog stickers. It seemed like a good idea, so here you go, my ugly mug on a sticker!, available on my Zazzle store in sheets of 20 small or 6 large. I like the subdued font that blends into the hand drawn image. DaveHead EEVblog ...

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The perils of cheap connectors

A random one from the archives… Here is a cheap brand SMD pin header connector that went through a normal production reflow soldering machine profile. Someone at the WunHungLo connector factory got the plastic mixture wrong I guess…

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EEVblog PVoutput.org Team

For those with a solar power system, and an account on PVoutput.org, I’ve created a new EEVblog team you can join here: http://pvoutput.org/listteam.jsp?tid=778 That allows us to see how much energy the EEVblog community is generating and a whole. My current solar power system data is here: http://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?id=22501&sid=20402&v=0

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