Miscellaneous Stuff

Nothing to really do with the EEVblog, but thought I’d share anyway.

Announcement – Hack A Day Prize – WIN a trip to SPACE!

Hack A Day are running the biggest electronics hardware design contest ever. The winner gets to fulfill every nerds fantasy, a trip to space! Dave is going to be one of the judges, so start sucking up now… The contest is to design an “open connected device”. So basically anything ...

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EEVblog Server Issues

The EEVblog dedicated server which hosts this site and the forum went down for most of today. It was not a fault of the server itself, but a major outage for all dedicated servers hosted with HostGater, the company I use that provides the server. Here is some info Sorry ...

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CCARC Wyong Field Day 2014

I’ll be at the CCARC Wyong field day this Sunday the 23rd Feb. The plan is I’ll be selling my hoard of Tek TDS220 scopes and some maybe other stuff from my car boot in the flea market until maybe lunch time. Then I’ll be wandering around. Drop by and ...

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