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EEVblog #1133 Mailbag Monday

Mailbag Monday, teardown bonanza! Forum HERE SPOILERS: – West German Geiger Counter Teardown – 6:35 Leo Bodnar Oscilloscope 40ps Pulse Generator for oscilloscope bandwidth measurement. – 11:32 Pocket Sprite Keyring Gameboy Teardown – 14:31 Defibrillator Simulator Teardown – 21:23 – Philips CD Discman Teardown Podcast: Download

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EEVBlog #1131 – £1M Prank – Banksy Artwork Shredded! HOW?

A look at how the Banksy artwork prank “Girl with a Balloon” shredded itself moments after being sold for £1M at a Sotheby’s auction. How long did it sit idle waiting to be triggered?, and was this actually possible? NOTE: The Artwork was authenticated by “Pest Control”, which is Banksy’s ...

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EEVblog #1130 – Mailbag Monday

More Mailbag Monday Forum HERE SPOILERS: A-TEK AT-601 PC ISA Bus Design Breadboarding Tool Gigatron TTL computer update Home VintageTek museum XY demo board 1970’s Casio CQ-1 Calculator Zofz PCB Gerber Viewer Podcast: Download

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EEVblog #1129 – Creating a Nice Readable Schematic

How to turn a horrible unorganised schematic into a nice readable modular schematic with proper signal flow. Tips on industry standard and expected layout techniques. Using the open source Haasoscope oscilloscope as an example. Please do NOT complain about the length of this video. I know. It is what it ...

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