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3-D Print my 'BRACE GATE' toy gag illusion wheel !

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Getting close, with this diagram:
  Acting as a graphical calculator, the 6 vaned gate gets close to function;  The idea is to rotate the gate wheel just enough, and it looks right.
  However, considering the next time, the little gate wheel would have the vane at considerable angle, relative to pushing against the column.
So, a seven vane arrangement should be tested. That has a more 'broadside' or normal 90 degree force.
It has been a goal to limit the number of vanes, for when any electronic / magnetic coils are used, for the bonding action, of the spokes to hub pieces.
   At real size, this 'ILLUSION WHEEL' is 10 inches diameter.

Couldn't get a short video to post...
  Here is a still photo: an upright flashlight shows where one of the columns is situated, for pushing the vane, representing a wheel spoke. That wheel has 7 vanes.

   Main wheel is 12 inches diameter, (view omits the hub parts).

Latest: The 6 stations are shown split, into a
' 3 OVER 3', meaning 3 gate wheels on the upper rim and 3 gate wheels on the lower rim.
  Eventually, an improvement will have 3 rims, each with the same 3 wheels mounted. Each will be offset, by 40 degrees, that 120 degree total is repeated three times around.
  So those 9 wheels allow considerable possible support, for a spinning wheel (assembly), where only one place is not supporting (braced with a spoke).

  At least now have the confidence, in the design details, to start cutting plywood...

The central aspects for keeping moving parts separate are becoming clear: The size (diameter) of each of the three columns is best kept at about 5/8 ths inch or less. It is thought, to add a trick using flowing water fountain, seemingly out of nowhere etc.
  So, the column thickness determines how much 'seat' is possible, into the vanes or fingers, of the gate wheel. A larger column cannot 'nestle' so much, into the gate wheel, and thus each 'finger' on the gate wheel must be longer.
  For the hub, it is the usual moving part clearance, simply keeping rotation clear from any column, by having radius that stops short of distance to a stationary column.
  In the photo-diagram, an extra gate wheel was placed, just for temporarily illustrating how many gate wheels will have to have several rings, at 3 per ring, just for decent clearance. The magnets should not get too close, to each other, unless that is needed.


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